About Film

What happens when a young man or woman goes to war and sees death, killing, and tragedy and experiences fear on a daily basis? Do they return home the same? Of course not. Can the changes be reversed, altered or the effects reduced? We hope so. Are we doing enough as a Country and people to help our returning troops heal in body, mind and spirit? The answer is not clear but emerging information would lead us to believe that more can and needs to be done. Much more.

Between Iraq and A Hard Place explores these questions from the perspective of the troops who need this help. If we can understand what our sons and daughters of war feel and fear, we can better know how to help them.

Lance Corporal Luke Smentkowski of the USMC had the forethought on the first day of the Iraq invasion to turn on a small hand held tape recorder. What he captured on tape is powerful and thought provoking. This recording was the impetus for Between Iraq and A Hard Place. Along with segments of this recording, the film contains personal video footage and still pictures of the Marines who are the subject of this documentary. This unfiltered footage provides an up close and personal look at daily life in war. The viewer will feel as though they have been given a private look into the lives of these ordinary soldiers who have performed extraordinary acts of bravery in the name of God and Country.

If you watch this film you will learn about true brotherhood, courage, commitment, kindness amid chaos and what honor means to a Marine of the United States of America.
You will never look at a Marine the same after you see Between Iraq and A Hard Place.